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Portfolio Management

Our Investment Philosophy is simple: We build portfolios that put your goals first. We've spent countless hours evaluating investment options so you don't have to. The result? Efficient, low-cost portfolios that put our clients' interests ahead of everything else. 

Our Process

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

Having comfort in your investment portfolio is important. That's why we conduct a comprehensive risk tolerance assessment to ensure your portfolio is compatible with you. We use this data, along with other information about your goals and constraints, to construct a portfolio that's designed from the ground up to meet your goals. 

Investment Options

Using industry leading tools, we evaluate the universe of investment options and regularly compare performance of our strategies to relevant benchmarks. We also accommodate accounts with restrictive investment options to maintain continuity with your IPS (like workplace retirement plans).

Tax Implications

What is your marginal tax bracket? Do you have significant assets in taxable accounts? How will capital gains impact your tax return this year? Do you have losses (or gains) we can harvest to improve your tax outcome? Do your investments compliment your tax planning strategy? We take all of this and more into consideration when selecting investment options for you.

Cash Management

How much cash should you keep across all your accounts? Does it make sense to use high-yield savings accounts, money markets, Certificates of Deposit, or some combination? We help you craft a cash reserve strategy that supports your lifestyle without sacrificing opportunities. 

Rebalancing & Reporting

We've built a portfolio for you, but the work isn't done. We regularly monitor your portfolio to confirm it still aligns with your IPS and report performance so you can easily compare your results to the appropriate benchmarks. Does your current advisor report all their fees or since inception return? Our reporting is transparent and honest - we want you to hold us accountable for our results.

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