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Giving Back

We feel very fortunate to be able to help others achieve their financial goals. We take that responsibility very seriously. One thing we decided we wanted to do when we founded Columbus Wealth Management, is give back to those in our community who show a strong need for our services, but are not in a position to pay for them.

Navigating budgets, consolidating debt, cleaning up credit reports, fixing financial mistakes, getting started investing…these are all critical life skills that aren’t widely taught. If you are struggling in these areas, we want to help you get on the right track and enjoy your life. We will provide our services to you at no cost!

Please understand: While we wish we could help everyone immediately, this service is in high demand. We will do all we can to help you, however, it is going to require a lot of time, effort, and diligence on your part as well. Our goal is for you to walk away with an understanding of the recommendations we made, and build skills that will benefit you for a lifetime. The more detail you can provide below, the more likely you'll hear from us sooner. Your answers remain confidential, and are used exclusively for us to assist you.

We are looking forward to helping you achieve financial freedom!

- Matthew and Nick Daniel, Co-founders

Pro Bono Financial Planning Request

Thank you for your submission! We will be in touch as soon as we can.

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